Welcome to Be Mama Be Well. My name is Jess Pedersen and I am a certified holistic health coach. My focus as a health coach is to serve women on both sides of motherhood.

I work with Mamas to discover optimum health for themselves and their children — including fertility, pregnancy, and childhood nutrition. Through my own personal struggles with infertility and pregnancy loss, I have discovered my life’s purpose and am deeply compassionate toward women who face the same uncertainty regarding their ability to have a family.

I believe that every woman is a Mama, whether she has children or not. Mamas are nurturing souls. Mamas are caregivers. Mamas are bread-winners. Mamas are love and boundless energy.

I started working as a health coach in 2012 and have had so many amazing experiences with my clients. I’ve helped dozens of women cleanse their body, minds, and spirits. Now, in 2014, I am focusing on motherhood in my own life. I am taking a lengthy adoptive mama maternity leave as we welcome our son into our home and lives. I will still be blogging and writing about nutrition and fertility in my *spare* time. So visit the Blog section of my site for updates. And I hope to be taking new clients in early 2015 or sooner!

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